Jared Leto plunges down the rabbit hole with new Aussie trade mark

wonderlandActor and musician Jared Leto lodged an Australian trade mark application yesterday for his VIP ticket booking start-up, Adventures In Wonderland.

The service “provides fully-customizable fan packages” for music gigs and events, according to the website, and was formerly known as “The Only And Only Golden Ticket”. It was founded and is owned by Leto, who is lead singer of the band Thirty Seconds To Mars and starred in movies including Requiem For A Dream and Fight Club.

The trade mark application – TM number 1563607 – was lodged on June 19 by Jared Leto and an Australian legal representative, Davies Collison Cave.

It is specifically for the term ‘ADVENTURES IN WONDERLAND’, and covers four classes of various ticket sales, entertainment and souvenir goods and services, namely:

Class: 16 Posters, stickers, decals, photographs, tour guides, books, photo books, art books, art prints, art pictures, note cards, greeting cards, postcards, calendars, stationery, paper and printed goods

Class: 25 Clothing, tops, bottoms, shirts, pants, headwear, footwear, sweatshirts, underwear, coats, jackets, vests, belts

Class: 35 Promoting and managing ticket sales and VIP privileges for the entertainment events of others; promoting and managing ticket sales and VIP privileges for concerts, festivals and other entertainment events; advertising and marketing services; promoting the goods and services of others; creating and promoting promotional packages of fan merchandise for bands, festivals and others in the field of entertainment; business services

Class: 41 Entertainment services, namely, arranging ticket reservations, VIP and fan experiences in the field of entertainment; entertainment services in the nature of personalized VIP and fan experiences at concerts, festivals and other entertainment events; entertainment ticket agency services; arranging personal appearances by persons working in the field of music, film, television, entertainment or sport; providing a website that allows users to download music, music videos and musical performances; entertainment services, namely, providing non-downloadable music and music videos, information in the field of music, and commentary and articles about music, all on-line via a global computer network; photography services; music publishing services; providing an Internet website portal in the field of music; entertainment services; online services

Adventures In Wonderland is based in Los Angeles, but already sells packages for shows in Australia (example).

The trade mark application is currently at the status of ‘Indexing Approved’.

Click to view a screenshot of Jared Leto’s Adventures In Wonderland trade mark application.