Samsung files many early 2014, pre-CES trade marks


Electronics giant Samsung has registered eight trade mark applications in the first three days of 2014, offering potential clues to the company’s plans for the CES consumer electronics event next week.

This comes just a few weeks after Samsung registered trade marks in Australia for ‘SeePlay’ and ‘SightPlay’.

These new 2014 trade marks are for terms including ‘Samsung Panoptic’, ‘Samsung Panagon’ and ‘Samsung NX Mini’.

Others are for ‘Samsung Super-Speed Drive’ and ‘Samsung Fully Detachable Handheld’. Three of the trade marks are not yet listed, and this post will be updated when they are added.

An Australian trade mark for ‘Samsung NX Mini’ adds evidence to today’s report that Samsung may announce a smaller version of its Galaxy NX camera after a US trade mark was filed.

‘Samsung Panagon’ has also been registered in the US, but this appears to be the first time the company has filed a trade mark for ‘Samsung Panoptic’.

The word ‘Panoptic’ is defined as “taking in all parts/aspects in a single view”, suggesting this could be linked to Samsung’s camera division.

The ‘Panagon’, ‘Panoptic’ and ‘NX Mini’ trade marks are registered under the same classes, covering various devices. Specifically:

Class 9: Large size display apparatus, namely, LCD large-screen displays; large size electric bulletin boards; mobile telephones; digital cameras; portable media player; portable computers; wireless headsets for mobile phones and tablet computers; rechargeable batteries; battery chargers; leather cases for mobile phones, smart phones and tablet computers; flip covers for mobile phones, smart phone and tablet computers; television receivers; audio component system; digital set-top boxes; DVD players; Light emitting diode displays; Monitors; 3D eye glasses; computer software; computers; printers for computers; semiconductors 

The ‘Super-Speed Drive’ is registered under the above classes and one additional electronic device; ‘solid state drives’.

The ‘Fully Detachable Handheld’ is lodged under classes covering vacuum cleaners, washing machines and dishwashers.

All of Samsung’s new trade marks are at the status of ‘Filed – Approved’, meaning they have not been seen by an IP examiner yet.

Click to view a screenshot of Samsung’s trade mark applications for ‘Panagon‘, ‘Panoptic‘, ‘NX Mini‘, ‘Super-Speed Drive‘ and ‘Fully Detachable Handheld‘.