Samsung files trade marks for ‘SeePlay’ and ‘SightPlay’

samsungKorean electronics giant Samsung has lodged two Australian trade marks this week for the terms ‘SeePlay’ and ‘SightPlay’.

The trade marks, filed on December 5, cover devices including smartphones, tablets, digital cameras and computers. They were lodged by the Korean headquarters of Samsung and an Australian legal representative, Callinans.

The exact classes covered by the trade marks are:

Class 9: Mobile telephones; digital cameras; portable media players; portable computers; wireless headsets for mobile phones, smart phones and tablet computers; rechargeable batteries; battery chargers; leather cases for mobile phones, smart phones and tablet computers; flip covers for mobile phones, smart phones and tablet computers; television receivers; mobile phones; smart phones; tablet computers; audio component systems; digital set-top boxes; DVD players; light emitting diode displays; monitors; 3D eye glasses; computer software; computers; printers for computers; semiconductors; data processing apparatus for large format displays; large format display monitors; large format display panels; large format displays; computer software for large format displays  

A Google search for both ‘Samsung SeePlay‘ and ‘Samsung SightPlay‘ appears to bring up zero relevant results.

However, (which is offline) was registered by a fellow Korean company, domain registrar Netpia, earlier this year. is registered to a US company and is also not currently in use.

The terms could be related to a Google Glass-like device, which has been rumoured since the company was awarded a patent at the end of October.

Both trade marks remain at the status of ‘Indexing Approved’, meaning they have not been seen by an IP examiner yet.

Click to view a screenshot of Samsung’s trade mark applications for ‘SeePlay‘ and ‘SightPlay‘.


Telstra advocates for ‘Chatvocate’

Telstra WarholTelecommunications giant Telstra has lodged an Australian trade mark application for the term ‘Chatvocate’.

The trade mark – TM number 1567775 –  was lodged on July 10 by Telstra Corporation Limited, and is registered under class 38, covering “chat room services (telecommunications services) and digital network telecommunications services”.

A search for “Chatvocate Telstra” brings up zero results. Even a search for “Chatvocate” brings up very little.

The trade mark application is at the early status of ‘Indexing Approved’.

Click to view a screenshot of Telstra’s ‘Chatvocate’ trade mark application.