Bauer Media wants to trade mark the word ‘Glossy’

Bauer MediaPublishing giant Bauer Media Group has registered a new trade mark in Australia for the word ‘Glossy’.

The term ‘glossy magazine’ is a regularly used expression in the media industry, and is even listed in the Macmillan Dictionary, defined as:

A magazine printed on shiny paper, containing a lot of bright fashionable pictures but not much serious information

Bauer Media Group publishes glossy magazines such as ELLE and Cosmopolitan, and has filed trade marks for ‘Glossy’ a number of times over the years.

The original trade mark appears to have been lodged in 2007 by ACP Mastheads (screenshot), the publishing company that Bauer acquired in 2012. This trade mark was registered under Class 41, covering ‘Judging of cars’, and was never added to the trade mark register and has since lapsed.

A second trade mark by ACP Mastheads was registered in 2009 (screenshot) under Class 16, covering printing, and Class 41, covering publishing. This trade mark was also never added to the trade mark register and has lapsed.

The third trade mark was lodged by ACP Mastheads in 2010 (screenshot) under Class 16, covering ‘Staplers’. This application was withdrawn in 2012, shortly after the Bauer acquisition.

A fourth trade mark was filed by Bauer Media in July 2012 (screenshot), and registered under Class 16, covering ‘Staple Removers’. This trade mark is currently ‘Under Examination’, with a decision due soon.

The newest trade mark was filed last week, on May 1, by Bauer Media (screenshot) and is registered under Class 16, covering magazines and printing, and Class 41, covering publishing, competitions and online information.

Specifically, the new trade mark for the term ‘Glossy’ covers:

Class 16: Printed matter; printed awards; stationery; printed publications including magazines, journals, periodicals, newspapers and books; posters; calendars; photographs; instructional and teaching material (except apparatus); cards; paper, cardboard and goods made from these materials in this class

Class 41: Publishing; arranging, organising, hosting, presenting and conducting competitions; entertainment services; cultural services; production of television and radio shows; interactive games services; publication of information on global computer networks including the Internet

The trade mark is currently at the status of ‘Indexing Approved’.

This article will be updated with any more information about the ‘Glossy’ trade mark as it arises.

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