Zynga planning ‘Stampede Run’

zynga-logoVideogame company Zynga has lodged an Australian trade mark this week for the term ‘Stampede Run’, and evidence suggests this could be the new name for one of Zynga’s popular iOS titles.

The trade mark application was filed on November 4 by the San Francisco office of Zynga Inc, and covers various videogame classes.

A Google search for “Stampede Run Zynga” does not appear to bring up any relevant results.

However, Zynga launched a popular Temple Run-clone on the App Store earlier in the year called ‘Running With Friends‘, where players run from a stampeding bull. The Twitter account @StampedeRun, which has zero tweets and only two followers, has the ‘Running With Friends’ app icon as its profile picture, hinting that the company is in the planning stages of renaming ‘Running With Friends’ to ‘Stampede Run’.

This is backed up by another Australian trade mark filed by Zynga this week, for the term ‘Ninja Kingdom’. That is the new name of a Zynga game previously known as ‘Dojo Mojo‘ (official site), and according to a post on a Zynga community message board, the name was changed fairly recently.

The goods and services classes covered by the ‘Stampede Run’ trade mark are specifically:

Class 9: Computer game software; Computer game programs; Electronic game programs; Interactive video game programs; Computer software for providing access to computer games through online social networking websites; Computer game software for use on mobile devices; Magnetic encoded gift cards

Class 41: Entertainment services, namely, providing online computer and electronic games; Providing online information in the field of computer games; Entertainment services, namely, providing games on mobile devices

Both of the Zynga trade marks remain at the status of ‘Indexing Approved’, meaning they have not been seen by an IP examiner yet.

Click to view a screenshot of Zynga’s trade mark applications for ‘Stampede Run‘ and ‘Ninja Kingdom‘.


November 22: Zynga has launched ‘Running With Friends’ on Android as, you guessed it, ‘Stampede Run’.

Click to view it on the Google Play website.

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