Telstra quietly launches ‘Belong’ broadband division


Australian telecommunications company Telstra has launched a website and lodged local trade marks for a new broadband service, called ‘Belong’.

The website, at, went live last Friday (18 October) and describes itself as “Simple ADSL2+ broadband with no lock-in contracts”. Text at the bottom of the website and a post to the official Telstra forum on Saturday refers to Belong as a “division of Telstra”.

Telstra Corporation lodged three trade marks for the Belong logo (pictured) in September, just a few days after the company registered for the ‘muru-D’ logo trade mark, which was formally announced this week as a ‘start-up incubator’ office in Sydney.

The launch appears to be a quiet one, with only 48 followers on Belong’s Twitter page.

A quote on the Belong website describes the service as:

Belong is a new way to get broadband in Australia, one so ideal that it doesn’t need to lock people in to long term contract; people belong because they want to. Selected neighbourhoods around Australia will be the first to have the opportunity to Belong, by taking up their choice of 2 simple ADSL2+ plans, and completing an easy, 3-step set-up process.

Prices for Belong broadband, which runs “on the Telstra Network” according to the website, begin at $50 a month (for 70GB) to $65 a month (for 250GB).

The website also confirms that the service is only available ‘in select Sydney metropolitan areas for now’.

In terms of what happens if the National Broadband Network (NBN) becomes available in the area of a Belong broadband customer, the website states that “we’ll take care of managing your transfer to the new network”.

All three of Telstra’s Belong trade marks were lodged by Telstra Corporation and a legal representative, Davies Collison Cave.

They are all at the status of ‘Taken For Examination’.

The domain is registered to Telstra Corporation and was last modified a month ago, on September 25 (screenshot).

Click to view a screenshot of Telstra’s trade mark applications for the Belong logo (arrow right, arrow left, arrow by itself).

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