Telstra files for ‘Halo’ and ‘Mojo’

Telstra WarholTelstra has lodged two Australian trade marks this week for ‘Telstra Halo’ and ‘Telstra Mojo’.

Both trade marks were filed yesterday, 8 October, by Telstra Corporation Limited and a legal representative, Davies Collison Cave.

They are both filed under the same classes, covering a slew of telecommunications, financial, computing and entertainment services. In summary:

Class 9: Telecommunications and communications equipment, apparatus and systems; computer equipment, apparatus and systems; computer hardware; computer software; publications in electronic format

Class 35: Wholesale and retail services; organisation, operation, administration and management of loyalty marketing and other sales and promotional incentives

Class 36: Financial services; banking services; electronic funds transfer services

Class 37: Construction, Installation and repair of telecommunications and/or computer goods

Class 41: Amusement, education, entertainment, training, sporting and cultural services, including these services provided on-line from a computer database or the Internet

Class 42: Computer programming services

Google searches for ‘Telstra Halo‘ and ‘Telstra Mojo‘ bring up zero relevant results.

Both trade marks are at the early status of ‘Filed – Approved’, meaning they have yet to be seen by an IP examiner.

Click to view a screenshot of Telstra’s trade mark applications for ‘Telstra Halo‘ and ‘Telstra Mojo‘.

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