NAB hints at new service called ‘nabflik’

nabflikNational Bank Australia (NAB) has registered website domains and lodged a trade mark for the logo (pictured) of an as-yet-unannounced new service, called ‘nabflik’.

The trade mark comes less than two weeks after the banking company lodged two trade marks for the terms ‘starXchange’ and ‘Haven’.

The ‘nabflik’ trade mark application was lodged on 30 August by ‘National Australia Bank Limited’, and covers various finance, technology and telecommunications classes.

The website domains, and, all currently offline, were registered by ‘National Austrlia (sp) Bank Limited’ in June this year.

A search for the term on Google brings up zero relevant results (beyond domain information).

The classes covered by the ‘nabflik’ trade mark suggest some kind of electronic money transfer service. Summarised, it includes:

Class 9: Computer applications, software; magnetically encoded cards; electronic funds transfer machines

Class 35: Business retail and wholesale marketing advisory services relating to financial products; advertising, marketing and promotional services; public relations; electronic commerce services

Class 36: Monetary affairs; financial services; banking; banking services in relation to the electronic transfer of funds; electronic funds transfer services; computerised banking services; electronic banking; pension, retirement and superannuation plans and funds

Class 38: Telecommunication services; electronic transmission of data; communication via a global computer network; providing Internet forums; point of sale communication services

The trade mark application is at the early status of ‘Indexing Approved’, meaning it has not been seen by an IP examiner yet.

Click to view a screenshot of NAB’s ‘nabflik’ trade mark application.

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