Coles lodges for ‘Tag’

coles1Supermarket giant Coles has lodged two local trade marks for what appears to be a new electronic money transfer service, called ‘Coles Pay Tag’.

Both trade mark applications were lodged on 21 August; one for the term ‘Coles Pay Tag’ and the second for the shorter term, ‘Coles Tag’.

The identical classes covered by both applications are of various retail and financial services, specifically:

Class 9: Apparatus and instruments for conducting, switching, transforming, accumulating, regulating or controlling electricity; active electronic labels containing coded information; apparatus for electronic digital processing; storage materials for data in electronic form; terminals for the electronic transfer of funds; touch sensitive electronic screens

Class 36: Financial service; monetary affairs; credit card services; issuing of credit cards; electronic funds transfer

A Google search for ‘Coles Pay Tag‘ brings up zero results.

A search for ‘Coles Tag‘ brings up a 2004 article from The Australian newspaper about a technology being trialed by Coles/Myer dubbed ‘Coles Tag’, described as “radio-frequency identification tags” between distribution centres.

However, this appears to be unrelated because the classes covered by the two new trade marks list ‘electronic funds transfer’ and ‘credit card services’, suggesting a more consumer-facing service.

Both trade mark applications remain at the early status of ‘Indexing Approved’, meaning they have not been seen by an IP examiner.

Click to view a screenshot of the Coles trade mark applications for ‘Coles Pay Tag‘ and ‘Coles Tag‘.

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