Sydneysider lodges for ‘NBN Direct’

nbndirectA Sydney resident has lodged an Australian trade mark application for the logo (pictured) of a not-yet-launched service, ‘NBN Direct’.

A website, at, is online but only contains contact details, with no details of exactly what the service will provide.

™Watch tried the phone number but there was no answer. An email has also been sent, with no reply as yet.

The trade mark application was lodged yesterday by Benjamin Laurie, with an address listed in Waterloo, Sydney. It is for the term ‘NBN DIRECT CONNECT DIRECT’ and the associated logo.

It covers a slew of telecommunications and advisory classes, specifically (but summarised):

Class 38: Advisory services relating to telecommunications; Cellular telecommunications services; Charitable services, namely telecommunications; Chat room services (telecommunications services); Delivery of digital music by telecommunications; Fibre optic telecommunications services; Hire of telecommunications apparatus, installations, instruments; Remote transmission of data by means of telecommunications; Switching network services (telecommunications)

A Google search for ‘NBN Direct‘ appears to bring up zero relevant results.

The domain name is registered to the aforementioned Ben Laurie, and also to ‘THE PLANT YARD PTY LTD’, a Sydney-based construction company (website). Laurie has also registered, although it remains offline.

™Watch contacted the owned of The Plant Yard, Ivan Brbot, who said he was ‘good friends’ with Laurie but was unaware of NBN Direct.

The NBN Direct trade mark application remains at the status of ‘Indexing Approved’, meaning it has not been seen by an IP examiner yet.

Click to view a screenshot of Ben Laurie’s NBN Direct trade mark application.

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