Telstra lodges for new ‘brilliant’ slogan

Telstra WarholAustralian telecommunications giant Telstra has lodged a trade mark for the slogan ‘To create a brilliant connected future for everyone’.

The company revamped its slogan in 2011 to ‘It’s how we connect‘, and a Google search for the new phrase brings up zero results.

The trade mark application for the slogan was lodged last Friday, August 23, and covers six classes and dozens of different goods and services, covering telecommunications, advertising, finance, construction and retail.

A summary of the covered classes:

Class 9: Telecommunications and communications equipment, apparatus and systems; telephone cards; telephone equipment, apparatus and systems;  computer hardware; computer software; publications in electronic format; video and audio equipment

Class 16: Paper, cardboard and goods made from these materials; printed matter; photographs; adhesives for stationery or household purposes

Class 35: Wholesale and retail services; marketing, merchandising, retail and wholesale distribution services; directory services; providing advertising space online

Class 36: Financial services; banking services; payment services using electric and non-electric means; on-line payment services

Class: 37 Construction; installation and repair services; installation and repair of telecommunications and computer apparatus and systems

Class 42: Computer programming services; research and development of technology; online computer services; mapping services, including electronic, on-line and digital mapping services; hosting of websites for others

The slogan trade mark was lodged by ‘Telstra Corporation Limited’ and a legal representative, Davies Collison Cave.

It is currently at the status of ‘Filed – Approved’, meaning it has not been seen by an IP examiner yet.

Click to view a screenshot of Telstra’s “To create a brilliant connected future for everyone” trade mark application.

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