NAB lodges for ‘starXchange’ and ‘Haven’

NAB_LogoNational Australia Bank (NAB) has lodged a slew of local recent trade marks in the last week, and one may be the name of the company’s new digital wallet service.

Last Monday, the bank registered two trade marks for ‘starXchange’, covering financial and communications classes, whilst on Thursday it registered a further two for ‘HAVEN’, covering advertising and retail services.

The classes registered to the ‘starXchange’ trade marks suggest it may be related to June’s news that NAB is on the verge of launching a “digital wallet service”, which has been on trial under the codename of ‘KISS’ but will be renamed “in late July or early August”.

For example, the two trade marks cover classes such as ‘application software used in the provision and transfer of electronic funds’, ‘electronic money transfer services’ and ‘point of sale communication services’ – all of which sound similar to a digital wallet service.

Google searches for ‘starXchange nab‘ and ‘starXchange‘ appear to bring up zero relevant results.

Meanwhile, the ‘HAVEN’ trade mark appears to be a NAB staff service of some kind. One of the two trade marks for the term is ‘HAVEN BY NAB STAFF CLUB’, and a quick Google suggests the ‘Staff Club’ is an employee benefits division within the bank.

The ‘starXchange’ trade marks are at the status of ‘Taken for Examination’, which may mean a decision by an examiner is imminent.

The ‘HAVEN’ trade marks are at the status of ‘Filed – Approved’, meaning they have not been seen by an examiner yet.

Click to see a screenshot of NAB’s two ‘starXchange’ trade marks (here and here) and the two ‘HAVEN’ trade marks (here and here).

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