Yahoo! may be heading ‘On The Road’ Down Under

yahooroad_0Digital giant Yahoo! has given a strong hint that its popular Yahoo! On The Road music events, which have so far been organised around the US and Europe, may be heading to Australia.

On 26 July, the company lodged an Australian trade mark for the term ‘Yahoo! On The Road’, covering various live music event classes.

The events have flirted with Australian music in the past, with a recent May event in Dallas, Texas, featuring prominent Aussie music acts Empire Of The Sun and Gold Fields.

The Yahoo! On The Road events have attracted some notable acts, including fun., Kendrick Lamaar, John Legend and Fallout Boy.

The current schedule includes various US and European cities, but no Australian dates have been announced yet.

The classes covered by Yahoo!’s Australian trade mark reveal no surprises, specifically:

Class 35: Promoting the concerts of others

Class 41: Arranging and conducting of concerts; concert booking; entertainment, namely live music concerts

The trade mark was lodged by Yahoo! Inc and an Australian legal representative, Davies Collison Cave. It is at the status of ‘Taken For Examination’, meaning it is due to be seen by an examiner. 

Click to view a screenshot of Yahoo!’s ‘On The Road’ trade mark application.

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