Sydneysider looks to trade mark Grumpy Cat in Australia

grumpyA Sydney man has lodged two trade marks in the last week for terms linked to the popular internet meme, Grumpy Cat.

The Grumpy Cat image (pictured) originated on Reddit, and has since featured on the front page of the Wall Street Journal and a motion picture based on the feline is in the works.

The first trade mark application, lodged on 6 August, is for the term ‘Grumpy Cat Gear’, covering calendars and printed photographs.

The second, lodged on August 9, is for the term ‘Grumpy Cat Australia’, and covers clothing, footwear and headgear for men, women and children.

Both trade mark applications were lodged by Lewis Thomas Owens, who gives a different address on each application – one in Broadway, Sydney, and another in nearby suburb Leichhardt.

Owens appears to have lodged one other trade mark in the past. In June 2000, he lodged an Australian trade mark for the term ‘TOMCOM’, was was approved but never finalised and lapsed two years later.

A Google search for Owens’ name appears to bring up zero relevant results.

No other trade mark has been lodged for ‘Grumpy Cat’ in Australia, but a trade mark in the US for Grumpy Cat’s image was filed in January by ‘Grumpy Cat Inc. Corp. Ohio’.

Both new trade marks are at an early status, and have yet to be seen by an examiner.

Click to see a screenshot of Owens’ trade marks for ‘Grumpy Cat Australia‘ and ‘Grumpy Cat Gear‘.

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