Winter is punning: Southern Cross Austereo lodges for ‘Game Of Phones’

suterhcrossAustralian radio group Southern Cross Austereo has lodged an Australian trade mark for the term ‘Game Of Phones’.

The phone-related trade mark comes less than a year after the company was embroiled in a prank call controversy. Last December, SCA-owned Sydney station 2Day FM aired a prank call to a London hospital that was treating Kate Middleton. Less than a week later, nurse Jacintha Saldanha, who took the call, committed suicide.

The new ‘Game Of Phones’ trade mark, registered on 29 July, was lodged by Southern Cross Austereo and a legal representative, Holding Redlich.

It is lodged under Class 38, covering “broadcast of radio programmes” and “radio broadcasting”.

HBO already holds the registered Australian trade mark for ‘Game Of Thrones’, which was first lodged back in 2010. It, however, does not cover any specific radio classes, although some of the classes it does cover include “transmission or reproduction of sound or images” and “downloadable pre-recorded audio files”.

A Google search doesn’t appear to find any relevant Australian websites with a service or product called ‘Game Of Phones’. A couple more related searches (adding ‘radio‘ and ‘Southern Cross Austereo‘ to the term) also do not appear to bring up anything relevant.

The trade mark application is at the early status of ‘Indexing Approving’, meaning it has not been seen by an IP examiner yet.

Click to view a screenshot of Southern Cross Austereo’s ‘Game Of Phones’ trade mark application.

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