Harvey Norman hints at new ‘Commercial Services’ division

Home | Harvey Norman New Zealand copyRetailer Harvey Norman has this week lodged a trade mark application for the term ‘Harvey Norman Commercial Services’.

The trade mark application – TM number 1566085 – was lodged on July 2 by Harvey Norman Retailing. It is registered under class 35, covering different products and services including “retailing, wholesaling, distribution” and over 200 different items (from the big, “commercial and household appliances” and “home theatre goods”, to the small, such as “umbrellas” and “candlesticks”).

Harvey Norman already has a ‘Harvey Norman Commercial‘ online division, however there also appears to be a specific ‘Commercial Services’ division.

For instance, a website exists at harveynormancommercialservices.com, which is no longer online (at the time of publishing this article) but was briefly online on June 24 (screenshot above). The website appears to require a login.

The domain name was registered on 26 February 2013 by Generic Publications, a “related entity” to Harvey Norman Holdings that is dedicated to marketing and advertising.

A Google search reveals various product pages were online on June 21 (but are offline today), but many appear empty. For example, the ‘About Us‘ page has no content and the ‘Appliances‘ and ‘Apple‘ sections both state “there are no products in this section”. However, at least three products were listed on the website on June 21, including this HP Pavilion desktop computer.

The product pages do show the product sections the website had listed: Computers, Gaming, TV & Audio, Cameras, Phone & GPS, Appliances, Fitness, Furniture, Bedroom, Bathroom & Flooring, Outdoor. These are very similar to the current product sections on the Harvey Norman Australia website, but with an added ‘Outdoor’ section. The Harvey Norman Australia website does have an Outdoor page, but it redirects to the ‘Big Buy’ daily deals page.

Another possible clue is the tab text of the website reads ‘Harvey Norman New Zealand’. However, it is worth noting the product sections on the Harvey Norman New Zealand website are different to those above.

™Watch has contacted Harvey Norman for more information, and is awaiting a response.

The Harvey Norman Commercial Services trade mark is at the status of ‘Indexing Approved’.

Click to take a look at the trade mark application, including the full list of products.

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