Aussie entrepreneur aims for the stars with newly lodged trade mark

spacebookingThe Sydney-based founder of various Australian travel start-ups has lodged a new trade mark application for what appears to be a sub-orbital travel website,

Ian Cumming, who founded sites including Travellr, GetFlight and Travel Massive, purchased the domain on May 21, and lodged the trade mark application for the logo (pictured) on June 4.

The trade mark application – TM number 1560913 – is lodged under class 39, specifically covering “booking of tickets for travel, provision of travel information, travel reservation”. It is currently at the status of ‘Indexing Approved’.

The website went online today, and claims:

The exclusivity of space travel is so reserved that we think of it as being something only NASA astronauts and the elite and affluent can afford. However what you may not realize is that Space Travel will almost certainly reach a point where it is affordable for everyday private citizens, and we believe we will reach that point within the next decade.’s mission is to be an information and booking service for adventurous travelers who want to experience travel out of this world.

It currently only allows users to join a mailing list, and also states:’s initial focus will be to provide up to date information around sub-orbital adventures. We can’t wait to bring you developments in orbital space tourism in due time also.

Cumming told ™Watch that the business “is collaborating with some really interesting people”, and hoped the website would launch properly “in the next three months”.

The site could compete with the similarly-named The website of Virgin Galactic also has a booking page for its own future space flights.

Residing in Sydney, Cumming is a well-known Australian entrepreneur of online travel start-ups, and lists the various companies he has founded on his personal website.

These include Australia’s first map-based airfare website GetFlight (which closed a month ago), the world’s largest travel industry meeting site Travel Massive and travel Q&A service Travellr.

He describes himself as being “on a journey to create scalable online companies that do things better”, and says that he “collaborates with people around the world in the fields of travel & tourism, web technology, and building connected communities”.

™Watch will have an update on the plans for later in the week.

Click to view a screenshot of the trade mark application.

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