UPDATED: Bendigo Bank lodges for new ‘redy’ payment method logo

redyJune 9: The Bendigo and Adelaide Bank group has lodged a trade mark for the new logo (pictured) of its not-yet-launched cashless payment system, called ‘redy’, which will allow consumers to make retail payments using a mobile device.

The trade mark application – TM number was lodged 1561098 – was lodged on June 5, and is currently at the status of ‘Indexing Approved’.

Extra details were quietly revealed about the new payment system a few days before, with a notification posted on the ACCC’s website on May 30.

The notification goes further into what ‘redy’ actually is:

Bendigo and Adelaide Bank has developed a non-cash payment system known as the ‘redy’ payment system which facilitates payments by consumers for the purchase of goods and services from participating merchants using a mobile device and software.

It also states that the service will “reward credits to redy consumers”, and that the bank will “supply cash rewards payable to redy consumers participating in the redy Trial”.

The trade mark application is lodged under classes 36 and 38, covering a variety of financial and telecommunications services. Specifically:

Class: 36 Monetary exchange; Monetary transaction services; Monetary transfer; Financial management; Financial services; Management of finances; Personal finance services

Class: 38 Communication of data by means of telecommunications; Data transmission services over telecommunications networks; Message storage and transmission (telecommunications); Providing telecommunications connections to a global computer network; Telecommunications security (providing secure connections and access including to computers and the global computer network); Telecommunications services for the distribution of data

A reverse image suggests the image has not be posted online outside of the IP Australia website.

The application was specifically lodged by Bendigo and Adelaide Bank Limited.

Click to view a screenshot of Bendigo and Adelaide Bank’s ‘redy’ trade mark application.


June 18: Bendigo Bank has quietly launched a new website for redy – at redy.com.au – seeking people to sign up for updates on the payment system.

The site asks ‘Redy for something new?’, and confirms that it will allow consumers to ‘pay by mobile’.

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