Telstra going for ‘Dave’

TELSTRA NEW LOGO 2011Telstra continues to lodge an absurd amount of trade mark applications, this time filing a double application for the terms ‘Dave’ and ‘Telstra Dave’.

The telecommunications company applied for two trade marks – TM number 1561566 for ‘Dave’ and 1561569 for ‘Telstra Dave’ – on 6 June, and they currently sit at the status of ‘Indexing Approved’.

The terms could be referring to David Thodey, the current CEO of Telstra, who is sometimes called ‘Dave’ by media outlets (example). The word Dave is also associated with a UK television channel.

The applications are both lodged under class 9, specifically covering these telco and computer-related services and classes:

Telecommunications and communications equipment, apparatus and systems; telephone cards, debit and credit cards, machine readable apparatus, such as telephone and calling cards, and apparatus which include integrated circuits, magnetic strips and memory chips; telephone equipment, apparatus and systems; facsimile equipment, apparatus and systems; computer equipment, apparatus and systems; computer hardware; computer software; computer peripheral devices; modems; transmission, receiving and storage equipment, apparatus and systems; apparatus and instruments for recording, transmission, reception, processing, retrieval, reproduction, manipulation, analysis, display and print out of sound, images and/or data; CD-ROMs; video and audio equipment, apparatus and systems; all associated parts, accessories and fittings in this class

If approved, it means Telstra, in theory, could take legal action against any company or person who has computer software or hardware associated in some way with the name or term ‘Dave’.

Click to view a screenshot of Telstra’s trade mark application for ‘Dave’ and for ‘Telstra Dave’.

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