Samsung lodges ‘Baram’ trade mark

SamsungLogoKorean tech giant Samsung has lodged a new Australian trade mark application for the term ‘Samsung Baram’.

The application – TM number 1558421 – covers an obscene amount of products and services within Class 9, from smartphones and 3D glasses to digital images of the moon and space aliens. It was lodged on 22 May by a local Samsung legal representative, Callinans.

The term ‘Baram’ means ‘airflow’ in Korean, according to a similarly named CPU cooler product from Thermolab.

The most unusual subject Samsung is looking to cover for ‘Samsung Baram’ is a collection of very specific digital images:

Downloadable digital images, namely, photographic or video images in the fields of architecture, ballet dancers, costumes, musical instruments, set designs, communication equipment, sound waves, political figures, poverty, Germany, mountains, lakes, rock strata, soldiers, historical figures and places, courthouses, lawyers, court scenes, judges, criminals, manuscripts, books, book cover art, orchestras, rock bands, singers, guitar players, guitars, philosophers, printing presses, newspapers, newsrooms, laboratories, science labs, space, planets, galaxies, the moon, plants, space aliens, space ships, science fiction creatures, cars and computers

The application is currently at the status of ‘Indexing Approved’.

Click to view a screenshot of the ‘Samsung Baram’ trade mark application.

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