LG lodges ‘Prix’ mark

lg-logo-500-rm-engGlobal consumer electronics company LG has lodged a new Australian trade mark application for the term ‘LG G Prix’.

The application – TM number 1557107 – was lodged a fortnight ago by LG Corp in Korea and an Australian legal representative, Griffith Hack.

The trade mark would cover a variety of products and services within Class 9, mostly covering mobile phone and computer products. The full list:

Telephone sets; portable communications apparatus; mobile phones; headsets for mobile phones; personal digital assistants (PDA); MPEG audio layer-3(MP3) players; television receivers; television monitors; chargers for batteries; digital versatile disc (DVD) players; apparatus for recording, transmission or reproduction of sound and images; audio-video receivers; telecommunication devices and apparatus; notebook computers; handheld computers; computers; computer application software for mobile phone; computer software; computer programs, recorded; computer programs (downloadable software)

An online search for ‘LG G Prix’ brings up no directly relevant results, although a possible link could be LG’s sponsorship of the 2013 Australian F1 Grand Prix earlier in the year, which looks to be continuing for 2014’s race.

The trade mark application is currently at the status of ‘Indexing Approved’.

Click to view a screenshot of the ‘LG G Prix’ trade mark application page.

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