One Direction fan lodges first Australian Bitcoin trade mark

CFTC-Head-Indicates-Bitcoins’-Regulation-500x288The first Australian ‘Bitcoin’ trade mark was filed a fortnight ago, and the applicant appears to be the owner of ‘‘.

The application for the term ‘Bitcoin Exchange’ – TM number 1553088 – was lodged by Nazeer Shoukat Ali, with an address at Williams Landing in Victoria. That same name and address were used to buy the domain about the British teen pop band One Direction, although the site itself – with a banner saying the page “is for all the 1D fans” – has yet to properly launch.

If the trade mark application is approved, it will be the first Australian trade mark with the word ‘Bitcoin’ as part of its name or logo.

The only Australian exchange for the fledgling digital currency appears to be Sydney-based Bit Innovate, which launched in August last year.

The application is filed under Class 36, covering a wide variety of financial services, with many of them specifically Bitcoin related. The list includes:

Agencies for the exchange of bitcoins; agencies for the exchange of millicoin; Agencies for the exchange of BTC; bitcoin exchange services; BTC exchange services; bitcoin exchange brokerage; preparation and quotation of bitcoin exchange rate information; provision of bitcoin exchange rate lists; provision of online bitcoin exchange calculators; provision of bitcoin exchange calculators; quotation of bitcoin exchange prices; bitcoin exchange schemes; bitcoin exchange quotations; agencies for the exchange of bitcoin; exchanging bitcoin; bitcoin brokerage; collection of financial information

It currently sits at the status of ‘Indexing Approved’.

Click to view a screenshot of the ‘Bitcoin Exchange’ trade mark application.

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