Clive Palmer continues Titanic trade mark haul


Eccentric Australian businessman Clive Palmer, who is funding the construction of a ‘Titanic II’, has recently lodged a trove of Australian trade mark applications for a variety of Titanic-related logos and terms.

His newly set-up cruise company Blue Star Line already lodged a host of trade mark applications back in January, as reported by, but Clive Palmer himself has recently lodged very similar trade marks in his own name.

The trade mark applications include the logo for ‘Titanic II’ (pictured), three more associated logos and even the term ‘Titanic III’ – suggesting the businessman is confident his Titanic II cruise liner will be a success.

The list of applied-for applications also includes the term ‘Gigantic’. The Brisbane Times article claims that ‘Palmer believed Gigantic was one of the names White Star Line, owners of the original Titanic, considered for its Olympic class of ships, but never got to use’ and added that he was attempting to trademark the term “just in case”.

The recently lodged trade mark applications for the four ‘Titanic II’ logos, the terms ‘Gigantic’ and ‘Titanic III’ and the additional term ‘RMS Titanic’ cover virtually every trade mark Class possible – from Class 1 to Class 45, and every other Class inbetween.

If accepted, it would mean Palmer and his new cruise company could hold the Australian trade mark for virtually every possible ‘Titanic II’, ‘Gigantic’, ‘Titanic III’ and ‘RMS Titanic’ related or named product or service.

This could be a cause of concern for blockbuster movie Titanic’s studio 20th Century Fox, as some of Classes covered for most of Palmer’s trade mark applications include terms that could crossover with the Oscar-winning movie – such as “film production”, “movie theatre presentations”, “cinema presentations”, “entertainment”, “rental of motion pictures” and “DVDs”.

20th Century Fox already holds the Australian trade mark for the Titanic movie logo, under Class 41 of various movie-related services. That trade mark was lodged and accepted in 1998, and expires in 2018.

The film studio has not lodged any oppositions against any of the Blue Star Line or Clive Palmer trade mark applications at the time of publication.

The stated owner of the recently lodged trade marks is “Clive Palmer”, and the current status for all of them is “Indexing Approved”.

The trade marks were lodged between 21 March 2013 and 3 April 2013.

Click to view a screenshot of the Clive Palmer-lodged applications for: ‘Titanic II‘, ‘Gigantic‘, ‘Titanic III‘ and ‘RMS Titanic‘.

Also click to view a screenshot of the very similar Blue Star Line trade mark application from January for ‘Titanic II‘ and the 20th Century Fox registered trademark for the Titanic movie logo from 1998.

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