Telstra playing it safe; trade marks ‘Safe’ and ‘Safe Desktop’

Telco giant Telstra has been on a trade marking spree recently, and last week added to it by registering the terms ‘Telstra Safe’ and ‘Telstra Safe Desktop’.

The company already has an accepted trade mark for the term ‘Telstra Safe Social’ (TM number 1476721), a social networking protection tool the company launched last year for BigPond Security customers. The term ‘Telstra Safe Desktop’ returns zero results on Google, suggesting this could be an upcoming new product or service.

The two new trade marks – TM numbers 1553940 and 1553941 – were lodged on April 26 2013, and are currently held at the status of ‘Indexing Approved’.

They are both lodged under Classes 9, 38 and 42, which cover services including ‘Telecommunications and communications equipment’, ‘Telecommunication and communication services’ and ‘Research services’.

Click to view a screenshot of the two trade mark applications: ‘Telstra Safe‘ and ‘Telstra Safe Desktop‘.

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