Apple’s leaf is now trade marked in Australia


The leaf of Apple’s iconic logo today entered the register of Australia trade marks, after Apple and its trade mark representatives Baker & McKenzie successfully had the claim accepted.

After registering the trade mark in Europe, China and Australia in November, the mark – number 1528284 – was formally accepted on January 10 and officially entered the trade mark register today (April 19).

The Class 9 trade mark is described as ‘LEAF, SILHOUETTE IN SQUARE’. The actual trade marked image is below:


Apple has ticked off a huge list of products as part of its Class 9 mark, from computers and voting machines to photocopiers and animated cartoons.

The full list:

Computers; meters, calculators; photocopiers; weighing apparatus; surveying chains; signal bells; antennas, modems; sounding recoding discs, tape recorders, radios, DVD players; slide projectors, cameras; ammeters, barometers; optical lenses; wires, cables; printed circuits, semiconductors; electric installations for the remote control of industrial operations; fire extinguishers; X-rays producing apparatus and installations, not for medical purposes; protective suits for aviators, helmets; fire alarms, electric locks; eyeglass chains, spectacle glasses, sunglasses; batteries, battery chargers; animated cartoons; electric gloves; cash registers; hemline markers; plotters; electronic tags for goods; dictating machines; voting machines; ernie (electronic random number indicating equipment); surveying instruments; magnets; switches, electric; fluorescent screens; remote control apparatus; optical fibers (fibres); lightning arresters; egg-candlers; dog whistles; magnets (decorative); electrified fences; portable remote control car arrester; ticket dispensers; electrolysers; clothes warmed up by electricity; phone cases, computer bag, computer cases, integrated circuit boards; integrated circuits; computer hardware; computer software; music players; tablets; PDAs; chips; laptops

The mark means that from today, in theory, any new product mentioned above with a similar-looking leaf-shaped logo or image associated with it could be liable for legal action from Apple.

The computer giant is notorious for its breadth of trade marks. In January it had the US-lodged trade mark for the design of its retail stores approved.

Click here to see a screenshot of the trade mark application.

2 thoughts on “Apple’s leaf is now trade marked in Australia

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